A campaign,

from the Summer of 2022. until late 2025 and beyond, to encourage individuals and small groups to work on designing and building the next generations of human-scale urban transport vehicles and neighborhood originated and operated, Transportation/Information/Communications Stations.

Communication/Information/Transportation/Shelter Parkland/Sidewalks/Streets/Neighborhoods

Transport/Utility/Human-scale/Wheelchairs Muscle-powered/Electric-assisted/Urban-friendly

Although we are celebrating the 80th and 55th Anniversaries of the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs, instead of occurring only in NYC, this effort will take place at the same time in myriad locations. Wherever there is the interest, the tools and skills needed and a place to work, a group may form and identify itself.

Current wheelchairs and bikes do not provide weather protection, places for passengers or gear, the whole array of creature comforts, and other features that would permit them to be used by everyone at all times and ultimately replace, multi-ton, industrial-scale, urban-unfriendly vehicles.

Unique all-purpose shelters can be made by local artists and craftspeople, to provide protection against bad weather at bus stops and elsewhere, to give neighborhoods natural gathering spots and bulletin boards, ways to encourage help availability, organize healthy exercise, enable resource-sharing and rides.

Local businesses, environmental, arts and education organizations, and former world’s Fair exhibitors will be asked to offer support to local groups working on these projects, to give them seed money, or in-kind contributions of materials and services, to publicize and help transport their final products to NYC.

We will expedite hospitality for participants, to find Queens residents willing to open up their homes to makers from their original home cities. This place, with the most diverse population on earth, is ideal to celebrate the universality of ingenuity and curiosity and our problem-solving abilities.


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