Maybe I am wrong,

and there is no small army of mostly young, creative, ingenious, and entrepreneurial people, everywhere, who are ready, now, to contribute their best efforts towards re-designing our urban transportation systems, in order to improve our ability to survive the current climate crisis, and have a really good time while they’re doing it.

Maybe it is impossible to use tiny human-powered vehicles, with solar/electric assistance, to replace archaic multi-ton, gas-powered behemoths.

Maybe we can not construct these new conveyances so they offer full protection against bad weather when needed, safely and comfortably, but are otherwise open to the air.

Maybe it is not possible to enable riders to stand, lean, sit or recline, as they wish, instead of always being forced to sit, like children in school or when being served a meal.

Maybe personal vehicles can transform into person/cargo-carrying ones, so we can travel alone, or with others, as we please.

Maybe we can make certain that everybody, regardless of their abilities or economy, has equal access to local mobility.

Maybe bikes are simply too small and cars are way too big, and we need a Goldilocks moment, when we realize, suddenly, that the “Just Right” is, obviously, what is missing.

Maybe what we still need, is far greater than what we already have. Put another way, in spatial terms, the hole may be much bigger than the donut.

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