The New York Bicycle World's Fair

Why call something a World’s Fair?

A number of good reasons:

It is taking stock of our ability to create objects and activities, that can improve the quality of our lives, and help us to be fully aware of the times we are in and, most importantly, what is coming.

It helps to put needed attention on important issues, while also using art and creative expressions as key factors.

It highlights the many unique places in the world and the cultures that exist there, which can expand tolerance and appreciation of differences.

This proposal endeavors to retain the innovative and welcoming spirit of these historical events, but it is also structured in some ways that are the very opposite of the classical model:

It is taking place everywhere in the world, in every country at the same time.

A variety of regional gatherings will supplant the usual single location.

It is taking place starting now and continuously, with no arbitrary time limit.

It cost nothing to exhibit or to share in the activity taking place.

In order to initiate this program it will require :

A means to reach out, as widely and quickly as possible, to all potential participants.

A program to solicit money and in-kind contributions, to be given directly to builders.

A non-profit established, to help local groups to gain economic and political support.

A website, to provide the means for programs to communicate.

An artist, who can illustrate the shape and goals of this effort with effective images.

A group of supporters, willing to be helpful in gaining visibility for this undertaking.

Funds, are sufficient to reward, appropriately, those providing professional services.

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