An Invitation

To Makers Everywhere

To Build A Vehicle & Show It Off On The World’s Fairgrounds Of New York City

There is an urgent need within our cities to develop personal transportation that bridges the gap, between the bare minimum, the bicycle, and scooter, and the oversized, multi-ton automobile. These new, safe, light, comfortable, and easily used devices, must retain a muscle-powered option. This is essential, in order to encourage the widest possible enjoyment of the substantial economic, environmental, and health benefits that we can provide for ourselves.

Because these vehicles operate on a human scale, this creative work can be done by a wide range of designers, mechanics, artists, sculptors, and makers. Materials can include fabric and wood along with the usual metal and plastic. Motors and other parts can be recycled from discarded or re-purposed items. Taking part in this process is open to anyone with the desire to participate. As a “World’s Fair”, taking place in a neighborhood with the most diverse population on earth, along with numerous local projects taking place at the same time, the broadest possible involvement is possible.

1939/1964 New York World’s Fair Anniversary Celebration 2022-2025

will perform only two tasks: we will let as many people know about this program as possible and expedite communications in general: we will also endeavor to motivate individuals and businesses, where ever they are, to lend support to their own local efforts, even to begin one. This will help in bringing attention to these projects and generating resources. Scheduling local get-togethers and exhibits and establishing cooperative efforts do not require anybody’s permission. It is not necessary to voyage to NYC to take part here either, although it would be welcome. There are no contest, or prizes, at least yet. Being part of this is winning. Expressing yourself, by making it easier to get around, while enabling more life energy to flow through our limbs and senses, is the goal.


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