will be the first World’s Fair to take place all over the world at the same time. Participation is gained by scheduling a regular and convenient time and place, for yourself and your neighbors to exhibit and work, on local, muscle-powered-vehicle building projects. We need to accelerate the design and development of human-scale and human-powered and electric-assisted transportation for work, travel, pleasure, and exercise.

We can celebrate these Fairs’ high-tech surprises, International favor, and good fun, with few rules to limit originality, (only pedal-activated vehicles please) while enabling crowd-sourcing and cooperation to help us solve serious problems. We need cycles and wheelchairs that are safer, healthier, more affordable, more beautiful and unique, and easier to access, share and use. We need many creative people to initiate these efforts.

Individuals and small groups are being encouraged to begin projects to re-define these modes of transport and bring them from their current 19th-century configurations into the 21st Century, with weatherization and motorization, etc. Submissions will be sorted by type, cargo, passenger, multimodal, amphibious, etc., and also by geography, and will be freely viewable on Artists, engineers, mechanics, and designers are all being invited to take part in the creation of much better, and greener, transport options, for everyone and from everywhere.

Please read Steven’s article Attaining Vision Zero at EV World.

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